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10.01.15 The Wait for Ruth and Dorcas

Last week we hit the 2 year anniversary of the exit letter suspension in the DRC. And it was just one month prior to that (September 2013), that we were matched to Ruth and Dorcus.

In so many ways I can not believe it has been two years, that we have waited that long for them.  And in other ways I look back over the last two years and time has passed so quickly and our lives are so different than they were in September 2013.

I don't want you to think that we are not anxious to have them here, I am, we are. But in the wait, I have seen God's hand upon our lives, intricately working in each of us and  and by His grace He has kept Ruth and Dorcus safe and healthy, though they are worlds apart from us.  Again and again we have been brought right up to the line of wondering "Is this ever going to happen? Will this happen?" and then there is hope, a judgement is passed, an appointment is set, a long awaited email comes through. He reminds us that He is in control of all this and we get to feast on His faithfulness in each step.

With each passing month we seem to have the opportunity to invite others into the Wait. Each time we meet someone new and are asked how many children do you have? We get to choose, "Do I give the short answer or do I take the time to tell them our story?" If not, Lawler, Brackett or Wyllys will quickly correct us.  It's in those moment we get to talk about Ruth and Dorcus, sharing with yet another person that we have two 6 year old daughters in a small village called Lumbumbashi, Congo. And that these two precious girls bear our name, Carpenter.

So where are we in this Wait?  Things are stirring in the DRC, though no exit letters have been given to any of the 500 plus families that are in the same situation as us. The US State Department is doing all that they can do to work on behalf of the families. Our dossier (the collection of all our legal documents, homestudy, paperwork) has been submitted to the committee in the DRC that has been established to review it.

We have been more focused on our US Visa investigation. This spring, after our Embassy workers conducted interviews of birth parents and the children. It was requested that we submit more evidence and they asked for DNA tests proving that the birth mother is indeed Ruth and Dorcus mother and has the right to give them up, as she has already done in court. So beginning in June, we began the lengthy process of having these tests scheduled.  And just as we were about to book plane tickets to fly the biological mother (who is physically unable to walk), Ruth, Dorcus and  Emmanuel, the orphanage director, to the capital to have the tests conducted after  four months of phone calls and emails, we received word that the US Embassy was going to send a team to Lumbumbashi October 14-15 and that the tests could be done there! (Sorry for the run-on sentence). I was blown away. Just when we thought we had the plan in place, the plan changed and for the greater good. The Embassy nurse is coming to them.  After all the planning and deliberating, this was such a gift for the mother and the girls to not have to travel.

As I am writing, I am reminded of these words I read last week in Psalms 37:3, The Passion Translation-

"Keep trusting in the Lord and do what is right in his eyes.

  Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure,

Feasting on his faithfulness."

Each day, each moment in this wait, and in my everyday life, I get to choose. We all do, don't we?

I can keep trusting Him, I can fix my heart and eyes on Him, I can feast on His faithfulness in my life.

I can feast on the fact that Ruth and Dorcus and thier mother don't have to fly for the first time to Kinshasha to have a DNA test done, I can feast on God intervening at just the right time. I get to feast on His faithfulness today. We all can.

If only I would remember this truth moment by moment,  Would you  remind me when I forget.

With love and thankfulness for you all,


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