Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read bits about me and my family. I am Megan Carpenter, a mama to five precious children (Lawler (13), Brackett (11) Ruth (9) Dorcas (9) and Wyllys (9), the wife of an incredible man, Hunter, to whom I have been married to for almost 18 years, and a follower of Jesus. Fitness and running have been part of my story since I was 14 - it keeps me balanced and often times it is how God whispers His truth to me.

As I approached 40, I wanted to begin writing again, and to find a way to preserve previous stories and after an almost 2 year hiatus, here it goes- a new blog with hopefully an easier title to remember.

(Previous blog posts from To Beauty from Ashes, on our adoption and life will land under D&RC stories).

My hope, my heart is to remind friends that wherever we are in life, God has equipped us for today. I know because it's His promise to each of us. I have seen how He alone has fit me for the role I am now in and gives me strength for each day.

If our day to day stories, prayers prayed and any other "ahh-haas"

might encourage-help to know we are all a mess-that life is gloriously hard 

or just make you laugh, I want to share those nuggets here.


 We live in Dallas, but have lived across the south from the small town of Oxford, Mississippi to Little Rock, Arkansas and now we are thankful to call Texas home.


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